Assorted Color

Tissue Paper Reams

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Assorted Color Tissue Paper Packs (Reams)

20 x 30 Reams

For additional patterns that fall outside of the holiday theme, check out this section for a wide variety of assorted colors & designed tissue paper. Our tissue paper selection has a variety of creative styles covered. We have trendy new designs, classics, and stylish prints for everyday gifts & projects.

Medley Mix Assortments

20 x 30 Reams

Medley Series Assorted Tissue Paper (Reams)

Item NameItem #CS PK Reg Price Buy 3-4 Buy 5+

Medley Mix Assortment






Medley Bright Assortment






Medley Lights Assortment






1 Quire = 24 sheets

Medley Mix – 12 different, random colors, 40 sheets of each per package. 480 Total Sheets

Medley Bright – 6 bright colors, 4 sheets each per quire. 20 quires per package. 480 Total Sheets

Medley Light – 5 pastel colors plus white, 4 sheets each per quire, 20 quires per pkg. 480 Total Sheets

Black & White

popular pack

Rose Gold Colors

Assortment Packs Tissue Paper Designs (Reams)

20 x 30 Reams

Item NameItem #CS PK Reg Price Buy 3-4 Buy 5+

Black & White Assortment





Solid Color Popular Pack Assortment






Rose Gold Color Assortment





Black & White – black dots on white, black stripes on white, white dots on black

Solid Color Popular Pack Assortment – 1 Quire (24 sheets) each of Scarlet, Holiday Green, Lavender, Purple, Black, French Vanilla, Cerise, Parade Blue, Dark Pink, Yellow, Buttercup, Turquoise, White, Cabernet, Lt. Blue, Evergreen, Tan, Orange, Citrus, & Mandarin Red. 480 Total Sheets

Rose Gold – rose gold on blush, rose gold metallic, rose gold on white, blush

please note: colors are subject to change

0# NewsPrint Loose
30 # Newsprint Ream

Newsprint Stuffing Paper (Reams)

24 x 36 Reams

The texture on these sheets offer a great way to help with gripping your objects during handling, packing, wrapping, moving and storing, to help avoid potential breakage, as well as to help avoid damage to your objects during transit caused by movement.

These sheets are great for wrapping, protecting, stuffing, storing and shipping of glasses, dishes and any other breakable fragile items, Additionally these sheets can can be used to protect objects from scratching, scraping, abrasions and scuffing. These sheets are made out of recycled paper.

Tissue DescriptionItem #Size (L x W)CS PK Reg Price Buy 3-4 Buy 5+
30# Newsprint Stuffing PaperTNP24x36

Approx 400 Sheets




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