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Custom Printed Mailer Boxes, Gable Boxes & Shipping Boxes

Let Us Know Exactly What You Need For a Great Price and Help From a Custom Printing Specialist

Now small businesses can leverage the power of custom printed shipping boxes. Digital custom printing is no longer relegated to the scale of thousands, it’s possible to order as few or as many as you need. Shipping boxes are made from 200# corrugated cardboard material. Boxes are uncoated white stock on the outside. Display mailers have white on the inside as well. Kraft paper or coated papers are not offered.

The Custom Printed Box Closure Types

Sturdy Construction & Full Color Printing Available

Have a Rapp's Packaging Specialist help you with both the right item for your needs, and help with the custom printing requirements & specifications. Customer Service Specialists are standing by to help you get exactly what you desire for your project. Call Rapp's Now.

Structures are offered in B and E flute, which is sturdy enough for shipping safely, yet light enough to not add unnecessary bulk or an unattractive “ribbed” effect on the printing.

Full Process Color Printing

Digitally printed in CMYK with a UV cure. We cannot match a PMS color. However, if color match is important to you, ask your Rapp’s rep about a color swatch test.

Display Mailer Options

When you are looking for maximum brand impact, mailers offer ease of assembly, maximum branding space on the exterior and an elegant “unveiling” process that adds to the overall customer experience. The standard mask includes printing on all six sides plus flaps for the tuck and roll tuck style mailers. Display style mailers also come with an inside print option on its white interior for an additional fee.

Display Mailers 2
Display Mailers 1

Square Mailers

These top-tuck mailers have all the unveiling benefits of the display mailer in a square shape. This B-flute structure is sturdy enough to ship. The interior material is kraft. Our standard mask includes printing on all six sides.

Square Mailers

Open End Mailers

This overnight package delivery standard, the end tuck mailer, mimics major carrier sizes. Our end-open mailers are made from E-flute and B-flute corrugated for heavier contents. This box has printing on six sides.

Square Mailers

Shipper Boxes

A shipping workhorse, this top-open slotted style container is sturdy B flute to handle your toughest shipping needs. Requires glue or tape to close the top and bottom. The interior is kraft. For an upcharge, expanded mask option is available for bottom and interior flaps upon request.

Shipper Boxes

Shipper Box Inserts

Our insert solution for shipping boxes safely holds your product in the center of the shipping box, secures it in place and protects it from shock or vibration. This simple and cost-effective blocking and bracing system showcases your product while providing maximum protection. And the best part is – no more annoying packing peanuts or fillers needed.

Shipper Box Inserts

Carry Handled (Gable) Boxes

Our carry-handled boxes are made from E-flute and B-flute corrugated for heavier contents. This is not the standard folding carton deli box. Built for swag, contents with heft or content that is delicate in nature and needs extra protection.



We’re conscious of the impact that production and consumption has on the planet. The corrugated we use is 50% or greater in recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Our materials are supplied by companies that are certified by SFI, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, the largest single forest standard in the world.

Gift Mailers

Our gift style structures are built for heavy duty contents. This is not your standard chipboard or folding carton style box. Built in an E-flute and B-flute style corrugated material, it can handle heavy contents or safely transport delicate contents.

Gift Mailers
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