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Benefits of Custom Printed Packaging

Don't Under-Estimate the Value of a Good Customer Experience

Great Packaging helps Convert Your First-Time Buyers Into Raving Fans

While often overlooked, the way you package your products plays an important role in the customer experience, or customer value journey.

The Customer Value Journey is a multi-step path that people travel as they discover your brand, build a relationship with you, and become buyers and raving fans.

Custom packaging is a proven tool to create brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and boost sales.

After all, packaging is presentation – and your company’s style of presentation is essential to your brand image. When done right, custom printed packaging gives you the opportunity to create positive, lasting impressions that your customers appreciate.

In some cases, the packaging is a customer’s first hands-on experience with your brand and the way you present your products.

According to an e-commerce packaging study by Dotcom Distribution, 61% of online shoppers say that stylized or printed packaging makes a brand seem more “upscale.”

By upgrading your packaging with eye-catching designs, your consumers will be more likely to enjoy their experience, order again, and tell their friends.

Fashionable brands should convey an image of quality and style from their store windows to their packaging. Today, in times of rapid change, a distinctive packaging program is more important for new customer acquisition than ever.

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Custom Printing Processes

Flex-o Printing

Flexo (Ink) Printing

A rotary system using water based ink and a flexible plate which is mounted directly onto the printing cylinder. The plate is kept on file for future use. It is our fastest post-printing process and quite economical. Product options are limited to paper finishes for ink absorption. Product with handles must be fixed like that of a twisted paper handled shopping bag. Bags with rope handles will not run on this type of printing machine. Single color prints are best suited to this process. When printing multiple colors, registration cannot be critical due to machine variances.

With this cost friendly process you can send your custom packaging out the door with pride.

  • Simple logos, limited to one or two colors, are recommended with flexo printing.
  • Matte surfaces are the only surfaces that can be printed with flexo ink printing. Gloss surfaces cannot be printed because the ink will smear on products.
  • Ink printing on dark products is not recommended because of ink transparency.
  • Uses water based inks for an earth friendly option.
  • Ink color will vary due to absorption and texture of surface being printed.

Foil Hot Stamp Printing

The foil hot stamp printing process uses a metal plate in combination with heat, pressure & duration to transfer the foil to the surface of the product, leaving the desired impression. The plate is kept on file for future use. Foil colors can be metallic, matte, or gloss. Each foil has a different backing to adhere to different substrates. Printing colors are limited to available foil from our suppliers. If a specific PMS color is desired, screen printing is the better option. This is the only method to obtain a true metallic image.

With the many foil colors that are metallic or matte the possibilities are endless to make your packaging something to talk about.

  • Foils are solid and therefore can be used on dark colored products for a vibrant and clear look.
  • Hot stamping is limited to one or two colors.
  • Thin lines and tight registration is not recommended as it may result in fill and missed areas.
  • Both Matte and Glossy surfaces can be used with the hot stamp printing.

4-Color Process Digital Printing

Digital printing puts an image on heat transfer material then it is applied to the product.

This printing process uses four (4) process ink colors ( CMYK, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black Inks) and works great when you have a full color image or photograph that you want printed.

The end result with digital printing is beautiful packaging that hasa high end look.

  • Complex logos and tight registration are excellent options for this type of printing.
  • Digital printing is great for low minimum orders.

Screen printing

In this method a screen is used instead of a plate. Ink is pushed through a fine mesh screen to transfer the desired image to the product. It is our most versatile process because of its gentle and precise nature. We can match any PMS ink color when printed on a white substrate. When ordering a colored substrate, please be aware that the background will effect the end result and change the color. Multiple colors can be accomplished on a wide variety of products. We use UV ink which creates a glossy finish. A matte additive can be requested to remove the gloss; or a metallic powder can be added to the ink to create a brushed metallic look. Screens must be made on every order, repeat or new, as the screen is reclaimed and used again. The film used to make the screens is stored in the file to be used on future orders.

  • Screen printing is more precise then flexo ink printing.
  • You can match your PMS color with this process.
  • Up to 3 colors can be printed with this process, each color would need its own screen.
  • Screen printing is an effective process for many textured products.
Screen Printing Example
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