Promotional Items

Brand Building Items

4mm Corrugated Plastic is printed with a Full Color imprint. It can be cut into any size or shape up to 48×96″. This is fluted polypropylene and is recyclable. It is outdoor durable and stong enough to stand the elements. 

Advertising flags are a great way to grab people’s attention and gain new potential customers. They work well because they can include your company’s logo or other event information and they wave with a slight breeze to grab people’s attention.

How do you get people interested in what you are offering at a table, booth or event? For many shoppers, it all starts with a head-turning custom branded table cover. 

We offer custom-printed Canopy Tents giving companies the ability to generate name recognition at events. These full-color logo tents attract attention at trade shows, fairs, and festivals.

Wheat straw polypropylene products are biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. They are even Gluten allergen friendly and FDA compliant. They will last for many years yet they will degrade in as little as 1 year in a landfill. Comprised of 20-30% reclaimed wheat stock.

One thing for sure, people carry around and enjoy drinks at social events. Keep the drinks cold and the hands warm with a branded Can or Bottle Cooler Sleeve that proudly showcases your company logo.

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