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"Few things generate more goodwill and repeat business than being effortless to work with"
Colleen Swarmer | Rapp's Packaging

At Rapp’s we know excellent customer service involves meeting and exceeding expectations. It all starts by being knowledgeable on the products we sell in order to help people make good decisions.

Good service means showing our customers how important they are to our business by interacting with them in a friendly, helpful and positive way.

We strive to make each and every aspect of the customer’s experience with Rapp’s an absolutely positive one.

To us, good customer service means meeting your expectations – but excellent customer service means exceeding them. Thank you in advance for working with Rapp’s Packaging.

Rapp's Business Practices


  • Phone: 724-482-2233, Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 EST
  • E-mail: info@rappspackaging.com


  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Terms for credit approved orders are net 30 days
  • Merchandise will not be shipped to an account more than 30 days past due
  • Finance charges of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all past due accounts. A $40 charge per occurrence will be assessed on all returned checks and your status will be changed to credit card or money order only.


  • Product prices, specification dimensions and weight are based on current available information and are subject to change without notice. Please note that all weights and sizes listed are approximate.
  • Product color swatches shown may not be identical to actual product colors.

Defective Merchandise

  • We will replace any defective merchandise.
  • We do our best to ship quality products; however, if you receive a defective product, please notify our Customer Service Department immediately. We will either have the merchandise picked up or we will provide you a return authorization label. The defective merchandise must be returned within 30 days in its original packaging.

Printed Order Cancellations

Printed orders cancelled after artwork being proofed will incur
a minimum cancellation charge of the following:

  • Bags, boxes, ribbon – $45.00
  • Tissue – $250.00

Custom Orders

All custom orders, plain and printed, are non-returnable and non-refundable.

“Let's Get Your Packaging Done The Right Way”

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